TCK Sports Group will be exclusive distributor for ORTLIEB

for all sales channels in the Benelux (Bike and Outdoor)

A drastically changing market environment requires both retailers and brands to adapt their strategies. The lines between outdoor and bike retail, especially when it comes to our product category, are becoming increasingly blurred. ORTLIEB GmbH therefore thinks it is imperative strategically to merge both their distribution channels under the umbrella of one exclusive distributor. For this reason, from 01-01-2021 forward, TCK Sports Group will become the sole and exclusive distributor for all Benelux sales channels, including bike.

During the transition period until end of 2020, the current bike distributor Jacobsons will of course continue to serve all bike retailers. At the same time, we will start approaching also bike retailers with the start of the pre-order season for 2021.

Apart from offering the best choice of unique, waterproof and highly durable outdoor and cycling bags that are 100% made in Germany, ORTLIEB GmbH is known for a fast, convenient and tailor-made service to retailers. These values are 100% shared by TCK Sports Group and we will continue to fulfill this promise also for all our authorized bike retailers in the BENELUX.

For further information regarding the new distribution setup from 2021 please contact contact:
TCK Sports Group
Koperslager 7
6422 PR Heerlen
The Netherlands
Phone number: +31 45 211 0888