TCK Sports Group cares about sports in the broadest sense of the word. For this reason, TCK has entered into a number of large-scale sports sponsorship partnerships.

Team NL Paraskiing

For many people with disabilities, sports is an essential way to cope with daily challenges. With this goal in mind, TCK Sports Group has proudly supported the Dutch Paraskiing Team for over 30 years.
Fund for Disabled Sports
olympic gold
"Thinking in possibilities, not in limitations."
Jeroen Kampschreur, Paralympic and multiple world champion in sit-skiing.

Royal Dutch Swimming Federation Royal Dutch Swimming Federation

arena is the official sponsor of the Royal Dutch Swimming Federation and provides clothing for the disciplines of competitive swimming, diving, synchronized swimming, water polo, and Paralympic swimming. As a partner of the swimming federation, arena actively contributes to realizing its mission of strengthening the swimming tradition in the Netherlands and increasing the number of swimmers at all levels.
swimming tradition
"I am currently the best, I am in top form. This is really a good start to the year!"
Sharon van Rouwendaal, Olympic and multiple world champion in open water swimming

Cyclists' Unions Benelux

ORTLIEB collaborates with the Cyclists' Unions in the Netherlands and Belgium, working together to make cycling safer, more enjoyable, and easier for all cyclists in both countries.
bicycle happiness
bicycle climate
cyclists' interests
"Those in search of high-quality bicycle bags that are also waterproof might just find what they're looking for in the products of ORTLIEB."
Cyclists' Union Netherlands

uvex Intermarché-Wanty Pro Tour Team

''Protecting people'' is uvex''s mission and philosophy in just two words. As of 2023, uvex is the proud sponsor of the Intermarch?-Wanty Pro Tour Team.
made in Germany
"In 2014, uvex was last represented in the UCI WorldTour, but with the sponsorship of Team Intermarche-Wanty, the brand is making a strong comeback."
uvex Sports GmbH