LOWA Experience Trailer

Throughout the year, LOWA visits many walking events in the Benelux together with the LOWA Experience Trailer. Connection and interaction between the brand and the walker are central to this experience. Visitors receive a unique experience: in addition to having the opportunity to test various top LOWA models, they can explore the brand in a fun and interactive way. Qualified LOWA advisors provide visitors with personal and expert advice on the test models stocked in the trailer. These models have been specially selected for long distance walks on asphalt.

Four Days Marches Nijmegen

LOWA is the proud main sponsor of the world's largest multi-day walking event: the Four Days Marches Nijmegen! The brand is present with its own sales and information stand, at the Wedren starting point during the entire week. LOWA has developed an exclusive collection of walking shoes especially for the Four Days Marches, which are sold online in the Four Days Marches webshop and at the LOWA stand. In addition, LOWA offers all types of merchandise, including the Four Days Marches shirts, badges and hats.

TCK Winter Academy Bootfitting clinics

Every year in the autumn, TCK Sports Group organises various training days for boot fitting specialists. These training days are intended for both novice specialists and advanced specialists. Regular refresher training is important in order to offer winter sports enthusiasts the best fitting ski boots and service, whilst using the most advanced techniques!