Visible through live events

In addition to our participation in consumer and trade fairs, we also organise events for our business partners, including practical training days, factory visits, and live events in a relational atmosphere.

TCK Academy Winter

This training event aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of retail employees in the winter sports department. During the training days, held in our showrooms, participants are provided with practical knowledge by our sales team through realistic store simulations. The primary goal is to enhance sales skills and provide in-depth insights into winter sports products in the store's range. This hands-on approach is further optimized through an online learning platform. As a token of appreciation for their successful completion of the program, participants receive, among other things, a certificate and a testimonial that may be relevant for their personal reference.

Motivate your sales team!

Make sure your team is there! When a new event is organised, we will send an invitation.
selling skills
hands-on approach
"It was very interesting and informative!"
Aqua Sport, Deurne

4Days Marches

LOWA is the proud main sponsor of the largest multi-day walking event in the world: the 4Days Marches in Nijmegen! Especially for the 4Days Marches, LOWA has developed an exclusive collection of walking shoes that are sold in the 4Days webshop and at the sales booth on the Wedren. Additionally, LOWA also provides the merchandise, including the 4Days Marches shirts, badges, and hats.

Visit us at the Wedren!

On Sunday and Monday before and during the walking days, you can find the LOWA team at a sales and information booth on the Wedren. Make sure to also visit the booths of our other premium outdoor brands such as deuter (backpacks), Maier (walking clothing), and SIGG (water bottles)! We have fun and, most importantly, practical accessories for every 4Days Marches walker!
"We are very proud to be the main sponsor of this wonderful event!"
Dirk Schaffrath, CEO, TCK Sports Group

Sidas Academy

Every autumn, our sales team organises a series of ski boot sales and boot fitting training days in our showrooms in the Netherlands and Belgium. These training days fall under the umbrella of the Sidas Academy and are intended for both novice salespeople in the winter sports department of the store and specialists who have already been trained and would like to take an advanced course. Ongoing education is crucial to enable store staff to provide consumers with the most suitable ski boots, along with any necessary adjustment services, using the right analysis tool. For the advanced training days, an international boot fitting specialist is always invited.

Do you want to provide a unique added value as a winter sports specialist?

Attend one of our training days! When a new event is organised, we will send an invitation.
advice and sales
"The Sidas Academy training was a hit. The high technical and pedagogical level of the teacher was top notch. The friendly atmosphere and welcome created by Franky and Bart was also very pleasant."
Pacific-Boardshop, Mechelen

Experience Day

An Experience Day is a unique opportunity for our retailers to personally discover, learn, and experience the (new) products we distribute, all in a relaxed and sporty atmosphere. Our sales team provides retailers with more information about the products and the theory behind them, helping them gain a deeper understanding of what makes these products special. In addition to theory, they also have the chance to test the products themselves during a sporting activity, with our staff available for explanations and demonstrations. An Experience Day is also a perfect opportunity for our retailers to network with others in the industry and engage in discussions with our team. For our company, this event is a way to offer our customers an educational and enjoyable day while simultaneously expressing our appreciation for their loyalty.

Discover, learn, and experience during an Experience Day!

During an Experience Day, we provide our retailers with the opportunity to personally experience our latest products in an informal, relaxed, and dynamic atmosphere. When a new event is organised, we will send an invitation.
"An Experience Day is an opportunity to personally experience our products in action, understand what sets them apart, and how they add value to the retail assortment of our retailers."
Angela Bakker - van Deursen, Coordinator Corporate Communications, PR & Events, TCK Sports Group

Corporate events

At TCK, we believe in celebrating our successes and sharing special moments with those who have supported us over the years! In 2022, for example, we proudly celebrated our 50th anniversary. We had organised a series of events for our customers, including an exciting golf tournament and a sporty bike ride through the beautiful hilly countrysiede, where our company is based. And in September 2023, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of our hiking footwear brand LOWA. In appreciation of the loyalty and commitment to the brand, the supplier had invited our team and many of our valued LOWA retailers to celebrate this special milestone together in Jetzendorf, Germany. It was a fantastic anniversary trip with all the right ingredients for an unforgettable

The ideal way to give personal attention to our partners!

We always strive to create valuable and positive moments. Participants' commitment and enthusiasm have made the events memorable experiences. We look forward to celebrating many more successes and milestones together!
"It is valuable to experience that understanding and respect are not empty words at Lowa, but are conveyed to everyone who contributes to the brand!"
Trekking Buitenensport, Aalst (participant LOWA 100yrs anniversary trip)

Consumer events

At TCK, we recognize the invaluable impact of participating in consumer events with our brands. By directly engaging consumers with our products and knowledgeable staff, we not only enhance their understanding of the products but also foster a positive attitude towards our brands. Furthermore, events provide the opportunity to generate immediate leads and are the only marketing channel capable of simultaneously stimulating all senses.

Which events do we attend?

Throughout the year, our employees participate in numerous consumer events in the Benelux region, showcasing information, sales, or test stands. Keep an eye on the social media pages of our brands for more information on where and when we will be present!
brand awareness
personal interaction
brand confidence
"The presence of André Greipel at our uvex stand during Velofollies provided cycling enthusiasts with a unique opportunity to share their passion with one of the most respected names in the cycling world."
Jonathan Hermans, marketing director, TCK Sports Group