TCK Sports Group invests in the future

At TCK Sports Group, we believe in a future where sustainability and social responsibility are the main topic. As such, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts are based on three key pillars: Energy Management, Product Lifecycle and Source and Waste Management.

Energy Management

We strive for efficient energy use in everything we do. This is evident in the LED lighting throughout our premises, contributing significantly to energy savings. Additionally, our offices in Kerkrade largely rely on solar energy. While current restrictions prevent us from supplying solar energy back to the grid, we generate enough power to operate entirely on solar energy from Monday to Friday. Most of our leased vehicles are also electric. Moreover, we actively contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and promoting sustainable energy production by using green electricity generated entirely in the Netherlands. This is confirmed by the certificate 'Groen Geregeld met Eneco HollandseWind' that we received for the year 2024. The expected CO2 reduction for the amount of green electricity we consume is approximately 43,320 kg CO2 compared to grey electricity, equivalent to the amount of CO2 typically absorbed by 1,733 trees per year. With all these initiatives, we are collectively working towards reducing our ecological footprint. Every step counts!
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Product Lifecycle

A crucial aspect of CSR is extending the lifespan of the products we distribute. Our longstanding Service & Repair department ensures that many items have a second or even third life. Our suppliers are also conscious of sustainability and longevity, as seen in initiatives such as the 'Recycle Your Boots' project from the Tecnica Group, where old ski boots are recycled transparently and sustainably into new ones.
extend lifespan

Source and Waste Management

We endeavor to reduce our ecological impact by reusing packaging material multiple times and properly separating our waste. When looking at materials, our showrooms in Leusden and Willebroek have been furnished with sustainable materials including sisal flooring, FSC-certified wooden panels and where applicable water-based coatings. As might be expected, LED lighting is installed throughout the showrooms.
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Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe our responsibility as a company goes beyond our daily activities. We engage in social responsibility by collaborating with municipal partnerships, schools and organizations like Jinc. This means actively recruiting employees with employment gaps, providing internship guidance to higher education, secondary education and vocational students, and offering job application training to youth in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods in the Parkstad region (Limburg). Additionally, TCK has been a longstanding supporter of the Dutch Para Skiing Team and actively seeks to expand support to other sport branches.
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DHL GoGreen Certificate

Another crucial aspect of our CSR initiative is our collaboration with distribution partner DHL. We support certified DHL 'Gold Standard' projects that prevent and offset greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to economic development in less developed countries and improving living conditions in local communities. For example, in Lesotho (Africa), households have been provided with Save80 stoves, saving up to 80% on firewood. Cooking on these stoves not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions but also protects people from harmful smoke while cooking. Every year we receive an SGS-validated certificate stating our total compensation for the past year, as well as the specific compensation projects in which we have invested. This certificate shows everything we do, with which we hope to inspire others. Through conscious choices and collaborations, we can all make a tangible positive impact on the environment and society.
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Internal Processes

In addition to embracing these sustainability initiatives, our focus remains on continually improving our internal processes. A crucial moment in this development was our move to a new office location in 2020, tripling the company's size. While this expansion allowed us to directly deliver more products to our customers, it also introduced longer walking distances in our warehouse, affecting shipping efficiency. To address this, we invested in an advanced conveyor system that truly transformed the order-picking process. Walking distances were minimized and with the input and dedication of our team, work efficiency improved significantly, leading to a substantial increase in daily goods issuance. This optimization benefits not only us as TCK Sport Group but, more importantly, our customers who now receive faster and more efficient deliveries!
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