Do you expect maximum performance from your products?
X-SOCKS® thinks the same way. Which is why we never compromise, at any stage of production. Where conventional brands rely on cheap production somewhere in Asia, X-SOCKS® relies on the European tradition. X-SOCKS® products of unprecedented quality are produced in Northern Italy, where the high art of yarns and textiles has dominated for generations.

To discover the future, you have to cross boundaries.
Athletes were wearing cotton when you still needed a starting handle to start your car. Nowadays we drive with intelligent hybrid technology and make use of recuperation, ABS and ESP. And we ask ourselves this: can functional clothing for athletes be as innovative, efficient and forward-looking as car manufacturing, space travel and modern medicine?

It can, if you totally rethink your approach to functional clothing. With this in mind, the visionary founder and engineer Prof. Bodo Lambertz created the X-Technology Think Tank, the source of all X-SOCKS® innovations. It brings together the most capable of engineers, scientists, textile experts and competitive athletes and encourages them to be creative beyond the familiar boundaries.

German engineering is appreciated throughout the world. Swiss precision is unbeatable. And the claims to leadership of traditional Italian textile factories are legendary. For decades, these skills have only dazzled on an individual basis. Since X-SOCKS®, they have joined together in perfect symbiosis. Nowadays you drive with advanced technology, as well as cooking, working and making phone calls with it. With the advent of X-SOCKS®, you can wear it too.