Like walking bare foot. That's the feeling you get while wearing Vibram FiveFingers. But without the fear of hurting your feet or stubbing your toe. And, Vibram FiveFingers are also good for your health in general!

Vibram FiveFingers
The patented design and the Vibram sole fit perfectly around the foot and the toes, so that the body moves forward. This creates a natural gait. In addition, the muscles in the lower leg and feet are stimulated, which intensifies the body's impetus, improves balance and increases agility. The lower position of the heel strengthens the legs and feet, straightens the spine, improves the posture and lessens possible back pain. Having five toes, the FiveFingers spread your toes. This also helps to strengthen your foot muscles, and contributes to healthier feet in general.

In Japanese culture, 'Furoshiki' refers to wrapping, holding and carrying various objects in a cloth (wrapping cloth). This is what inspired Vibram to develop the first 'wrapping sole'. And this shoe line was given the name of...Furoshiki.

The Furoshiki shoes are one of a kind. They are easy to wear, just wrap and go. The Vibram sole with a soft upper made of stretch fabric and a unique closure system secures snugly for a quick fit. Thanks to this high-quality sole, Furoshiki's offer optimal comfort in any environment. Whether you are walking through the city, across the airport or just relaxing, when you wrap your feet in Furoshiki shoes, you will arrive in style and comfort. With their anatomically shaped sole and stretchy upper, Furoshiki shoes fit all foot types.


Furoshiki Yuwa


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