More than a brand, SIDAS makes an impression. Footprints, like fingerprints, are unique. Every individual has his or her own unique way of walking, and SIDAS has taken the right step by creating custom-fit products that are equally unique.

Sidas's mission is to offer comfort and increase performance for every foot, in every sport, every day. Today, Sidas is a leading brand for 100% mouldable insoles for winter sports, outdoor, running, golf, bike and everyday use.

The Sidas collection consists of a winter collection and an all-year collection.


Hotdryer Complete Set (12V + all plugs)


3D Run Sense

All Year ReadyToWear/3Feet

Podiatech Wedge


PU Foam Kit (1 bottle)

Boot Fitting

3 Feet Work Mid (Anti-Static)

All Year ReadyToWear/3Feet

Boot Bag

My Fit Winter


Bootfitting Tools

Heel Stabiliser Block

Boot Fitting

BOOT BAG Nylon (without logo)


My Fit Station

Measuring and Analysis

Flashfit Box 220V CPO