The care and function of textile fibres used in sports gear is central to HEY's washing and maintenance products.

Water and wind proof, as well as breathable fabrics require special care, specially coordinated washing and impregnation formulas, which HEY has successfully developed. The brand's products help people discover nature and enjoy it to the fullest. HEY also wants to play its part in ensuring that nature is worth living in. As various aspects of environmental friendliness play a key role in the company, HEY takes its responsibility to protect the natural world in various areas, so that future generations can also enjoy nature as a place for sports or recreation.

The HEY production
All CO2 optimised and Ökoprofit certified products are produced in Nordwalde (Germany). HEY only uses environmentally friendly raw materials and packaging technologies and guarantees the highest product safety and best quality. In addition, the brand uses green electricity and solar energy from its own solar panels and has taken practical measures to reduce costs associated with energy, water and waste.

HEY products
HEY products are biodegradable in compliance with OECD 301. The brand guarantees that no residues of environmentally harmful PFOAs and PFOs will be left behind. HEY's detergents are concentrated, which reduces the amount of surfactants discharged in the environment. In addition, the brand does not use nanotechnology and the spray cans are filled with compressed air, eliminating the need for a propellant. Independent reports confirm the environmental friendliness and effectiveness of HEY products. But that's not all: HEY also offers fluorine-free alternatives for a number of products. These products are water-based and free of solvents, petrol and perfume.


Shoe Fresh 100ml


Tex Wash 250ml

Wash - Membrane

Global Wash 100ml


Merino Wash 250ml

Wash - Natural Fiber

Foam Active Reiniger 250ml

Wash - Synthetic

Shoe Wash 250ml


Shoe Active Polish


Dons Wash 250ml

Wash - Natural Fiber

Leder FF Impra Spray 200ml


Micro Wash 250ml

Wash - Synthetic

Impra FF Wash-In 250ml


Impra FF Spray 250ml


Lightflex Spray


Duopack Impra FF / Tex