Although Dalbello began producing ski boots in 1974, founders Alessandro and Giovanna dal Bello perfected their trade as ski boot building 'artisans' at the Henke ski boot factory in Switzerland in the early 1960's. Upon returning to Italy with their new, young, family, they started stitching leather ski boot uppers for Henke under contract. Although happy to be back in Italy, they knew they could make a better business producing ski boots on their own. So, that's exactly what they did and the first Dalbello ski boots were sold in Austria in 1974.

During the 80's, the high quality standards and the exceptional fit of Dalbello ski boots gave rise to its presence in select international markets.

Dalbello hired three internationally renowned skiers to promote its brand. They were Steve McKinney whose victories included 2 world speed records in 1977 (195 km/h) and in 1982 (201 km/h) and Simon and Busham, who completed the podium in 1982 in Cervinia.

It was however only at the beginning of the 90's, that the company began to achieve strong commercial success in the most important international export markets: North America, Germany, and Austria. From there, Dalbello developed a homogeneous network of distributors in all the other countries of the world; from Japan to Australia and throughout the rest of Europe.

The new millennium ushered in a new skiing attitude complete with a 'freeskiing' lifestyle.

All the old rules were broken and Dalbello's Rider Development Project (RDP) was born. RDP is the brainchild of the legendary free skier Glen Plake. The RDP initiative brings professional skiers together with Dalbello R&D engineers with the sole objective of creating the best performing ski boots in the world. Initiated to inspire innovation in ski boots by challenging all conventional assumptions that govern how ski boots need to look and function, RDP models are among the most radically unique and technically innovative ski boots in the world. Over the past few seasons, the project team has grown to include legendary freestyler and x-games champion tanner hall, the Olympic medal Nick Goepper and Kevin Rolland besides Russ Henshaw, Mcrae Williams, Sean Pettit and many more.