People are exposed to situations evolution hasn't adequately prepared them for. That is why X-Technology develops products which assist people in enhancing their performance in all situations, under all climate conditions and for each type of sport. X-Technology combines biology and technology, providing optimum physical comfort.

Scientists have discovered that athletes who practice endurance sports use 97% of their energy, simply to keep their body temperature down. This means that the performance will be enhanced by keeping the body cool. Sweating is a natural process and an effective cooling system. The X-Bionic technology uses every drop of sweat and cools the skin by leaving a thin film of sweat on the skin of the active body, which offers a cooling effect during the process of evaporation. The 3D-Bionic Sphere System ensures the moisture is transported and then evaporates.

At the same time X-Bionic provides effective insulation to prevent hypothermia during breaks. X-Bionic has succeeded in developing unique and functional clothing which keeps you cool when you are sweating and keeps you warm when you are cold.